The Stone Chambers
of Putnam County, N.Y.
The Fahnestock Site
King's  Chamber
Ceremonial Chamber
The Lockwood Site
Guardian Chamber
Naiad Chamber
Sunset Chambers 1&2
Oak Tree Chamber
Storage Chamber
Niche Chamber
The Whangtown Site
Solstice Chamber
Collapsed Equinox Chamber
Mother Earth Chamber
Hidden in the backwoods hills of Putnam County New York, stand ancient, megalithic stone chambers, whose origin is a mystery to today's scholars.
We do know that in 1643, Dutch soldiers reported finding "indian castles" during their attacks on the local Wappinger tribes,1 and that "stone chambers" were also recorded in 1654, by John Winthrop Jr, the first English governor of near-by Connecticut.2
  Some researchers are convinced that the chambers are much older still than that, built by a ceremonial Woodlands-period culture that flourished, and then vanished hundreds of centuries ago, long before the Algonquian tribes migrated into the area. 
  There are an estimated 200 stone chambers scattered throughout small Putnam County, the highest known concentration in all of the U.S.  Only a handful are easily accessible; most are in remote, mountainous, backwoods forests or on private land.    
  These chambers often align with Solstice and Equanox solar events, showing an intentional ceremonial purpose.3  Some chambers also show significant, anomalous and unexplained reverse-magnetic spikes at their entrance, underground.
Similar ceremonial sites exist in New England. Most notably Gungywamp, 100 miles north near Groton, CT, and Mystery Hill, about another 100 miles north from there, near Salem, N.H.  Both have been carbon-dated to about 4000 B.P., and like the Putnam chambers, lack day-to-day habitation artifacts.

Fringe theories abound as to their builders and purpose, some reaching into quantum mechanics and the paranormal.
Perhaps the Stone Chambers will always remain a mystery, lost in time.
The Chamber images are presented here in both 3D and 2D, and will be updated regularly as discoveries continue to unfold.
The Double Chamber
Mt. Nimham Chamber
Rt. 301-Farmers Mills
Rt. 301-Forest
Cole Shears
Photos and text © Donald Nester 2011

3-D images are best viewed on an external computer monitor;  Laptop screens may not display anaglyph images properly.
3-D images require red/blue(cyan) anaglyph glasses, red lens over your left eye.
Roadside Chambers
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